Roaming Free: A Whole Food Approach for Traveling the World Healthy, Happy and Gluten-Free


Adventurous, gluten-free travel is 100% possible. It’s also heaps of fun. After traveling all 7 continents and more than 35 countries, I’ve learned a thing or two about exploring the world. And as a celiac and certified health coach it’s my number one priority to always stay healthy and happy while doing so.

Roaming Free is a whole foods-focused, gluten-free travel guide. But once you dive in, you’ll see that it’s so much more. Because Roaming Free is about living more! It’s about life-affirming experiences and exploration. It’s about gastrotourism and outdoor activities. It’s about living in the moment and discovering yourself. And it’s about fostering a positive “go get ’em” mindset…in travel and in life.


Wanderlusters, dreamers, explorers and seekers who are insatiably curious, fueled by discovery and who dream about far off lands. Whether you’ve traveled several countries or are about to jet off on your first adventure – Roaming Free will guide you along your gluten-free travel journey.

But let’s also be clear about what this book is not. Roaming Free is NOT about packing a suitcase full of gluten-free food. Roaming Free is about real, wholesome, nourishing food – learning to eat out safely and explore local cuisine to create the most amazing travel experiences.


:: 138 pages of expert advice, tips, resources and inspiration

:: 10 delicious gluten-free travel friendly recipes

:: Interactive PDF worksheets and check-lists to guide your next adventure

:: Recommended products and resources (including the exact items I personally use!)


Is this a printed book?

No, it’s an interactive ebook in PDF format. When you purchase your copy, you’ll receive an email with the link to download the ebook file. Please be patient as the file downloads—it may take a while based on your internet connection speed.

Will I be able to view this ebook on a Kindle or iPad?

Yes, any device you use to view PDF’s you can view Roaming Free.

If I’m vegetarian, vegan, paleo and/or have other dietary restrictions, is Roaming Free still for me?

Roaming Free is rooted in healthy, whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. The recommendations in the ebook are based on that simple philosophy. From there, the decisions become yours! Eating “real food” means something different to all of us – based on the needs of our individual bodies. In other words, Roaming Free is a judgement-free zone – and no matter how you eat, as long as you’re prioritizing whole foods, you’re Roaming Free!

Is Roaming Free only about international travel?

No, the skills and tools you learn in Roaming Free can be applied to gluten-free travel anywhere – including your own town, state and country.

You mentioned worksheets and checklists. Can my answers be saved in the ebook?

Yes! After purchasing Roaming Free, save the PDF file to your computer hard drive (ensuring that it’s not just open in a browser window). Once it’s saved, re-open the PDF (in Adobe Acrobat or similar) and begin reading the book and filling in your answers. Once you’re done, simply save the PDF again – and all the homework you’ve done for your next adventure will be waiting for you. Alternatively, you can print out the worksheet pages and write your answers in. Please note that you will not be able to save your answers if viewing the ebook on a Kindle or mobile device.

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Roaming Free: A Whole Food Approach for Traveling the World Healthy, Happy and Gluten-Free

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